Abbey House Surgery
Golding Close, Daventry, Northants, NN11 4FE
Monksfield Surgery
Wimborne Place, Daventry, Northants, NN11 0XZ

Opening Times

Abbey House Surgery
Mon - Fri:
8.00am - 6.30pm

Monksfield Surgery
Mon, Tues, Thurs, alternate Fri:
8.00am - 8.00pm

Wed, alternate Fri:
8.00am - 6.00pm

Well Core Initiative

Dated: 20-Feb-19

Starting Well Core is a commissioning approach which aims to reduce oral health inequalities and improve oral health for children aged 0-2 years through:
  • Increasing dental access and attendance for children aged 0-2 years.
  • Delivering evidence-based preventive care in practice (e.g. preventive advice, fluoride interventions, support for behaviour change).
  • Raising public and professional awareness to promote early-years dental attendance, and support the British Society of Paediatric Dentistry’s campaign for a Dental Check by One
  • The programme will be available to all children, with a focus on those who are not currently visiting the dentist and under the age of 1 and will ensure that evidence –based preventative advice about reducing sugar intake and increasing the exposure to fluoride on teeth is given to parents of those children.
  • The programme intends to complement existing local NHS England and local authority led initiatives and the work of the Childrens Oral Health Improvement Board.
  • The following benefits are expected - An increase in dental attendance for children aged 0-2, a reduction in hospital based extraction of teeth for children, a reduction in restorative and emergency dental treatment for children.

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